SiteWatch® Software Assurance

Software Assurance is a program all SiteWatch support group members are automatically enrolled in.  This allows your software to automatically update to the most current version.

Why does DRB® Tunnel Solutions Offer Software Assurance for SiteWatch?
Most operators want to upgrade to new SiteWatch versions but hate spending the extra money in lump sums. The current method of charging a variable fee per version makes it hard for a business to plan and budget software expenses. Software Assurance keeps your software current for a flat annual fee. 

How does Software Assurance work?
When new software updates are released, our Knowledge Center will notify you and schedule the update. The update runs at night while you are closed and is ready for when you open the next day.

What are the fees for Software Assurance?
For 2021, SiteWatch® is $362 per year and TunnelWatch® is $130 per year. There are no extra charges based on additional modules.  If you have multiple sites, you get a volume discount just like you did when you purchased version upgrades.

Do I have to join Software Assurance?
All SiteWatch Support Group members are auto-enrolled into the Software Assurance Program. You can opt out of the program prior to paying the annual membership fee. When you decide to upgrade later, you will have to pay all back fees at the current rate.

Why do I have to pay prior years’ Software Assurance fees if I rejoin?
DRB  is in a continual programming cycle on the SiteWatch and TunnelWatch software. We’ve recouped the cost of these updates through version fees in the past, which have been replaced with Software Assurance fees. Just like you used to have to pay for all the old version upgrade fees in the past, you now have to pay all the unpaid Software Assurance fees to get to the newer version.

Why aren’t Software Assurance fees included in my Support Group?
One reason we separated version upgrade fees from Support Group fees is because most states do not charge sales tax on Support Group fees, where they do charge sales tax on software fees. By keeping them separate, it saves you money. For example, this separation will save you $240 per year in sales tax if you live in an area where you pay 8% on a $3,000 Support Group invoice.

Does Software Assurance include updates to hardware?
No, Software Assurance covers the upgrades to the SiteWatch and TunnelWatch software. Hardware must be purchased separately. 

What do I do if I cannot upgrade to the latest version because my hardware doesn’t support it?
DRB will provide you pricing for the required hardware so you can decide to purchase it now or add it to your future budget. Once you decide to purchase the hardware and software upgrades to bring your system to minimum operating standards, there will be no additional software upgrade charges going forward. 

Does it matter what version of SiteWatch I am running when I enroll in Software Assurance?
It does not matter what version of SiteWatch you are running once you enroll in Software Assurance. The only limiting factor in getting you upgraded to the latest version may be your hardware. We will discuss that with you prior to your upgrade.

I heard there is a new software update available, but I don’t have it. Why not?
Most likely, it's because we are being careful with your system. Rather than “blast” a bunch of new software updates out, we prefer to be cautious and “trickle out” updates. It’s likely that, by the time you’ve received an update, many other operators have already installed it. It doesn’t mean that you won’t ever have a problem with an update, but it does reduce the odds of it.

DRB did not release a software update this year. Should I pay the Software Assurance fee?
Yes.Even if we don’t release a software update, we are working on the software in the background. For example, between 2006 and 2014, we released a new version every other year. Yet, we were working on those new versions every year.

Can I choose if or when I want to install a software update?
Not at this time. DRB will notify you prior to upgrading your version SiteWatch.

When are updates installed?
Most updates will be installed in the early morning of Monday through Thursday. Since Fridays through Sundays are the busiest days for most operators, we try to avoid updates during those days.

If I am not a Software Assurance member for 5 years and there are price increases in the future, what price do I pay?
To rejoin, you’ll pay five years of Software Assurance at the future rate.

I built a new site. When will the Software Assurance fees be invoiced?
Just like Support Group fees, new sites are pro-rated to synchronize the billing for all sites within the organization so that all sites are invoiced at the same time. 

Can I buy Software Assurance for one site but not another? 
No. Even if the sites are not Replicating, all sites must either join or not.

Can I buy Software Assurance for SiteWatch and not TunnelWatch? 
No. Either all or none of the software in the organization must be covered by Software Assurance.

Are SiteWatch and TunnelWatch the only software products covered by Software Assurance? 
Yes. CarWatch and ProfitWatch are no longer being enhanced and would not be covered by the Software Assurance Program.

Why is my Software Assurance discount different that my Support Group discount? 
Software is a product.  The product discount schedule is different than the Support Group Fee discount schedule. You are still receiving the same multi-site discount on software as you always have.