Simplify Workforce Management

Patheon’s relationship with Deputy Employee Scheduling and Timeclock makes it easy to manage your staff and track time from one centralized tool, saving you valuable time and money.  Ten Deputy licenses come standard with the Patheon Tunnel Base Package.


Deputy includes an easy-to-use, all-in-one employee scheduling tool that scales with your business and allows you to:

  • Simplify managing schedules 
  • Create AI optimized schedules with a single click
  • Duplicate schedules
  • Fill empty shifts quickly
  • Simplify shift swapping and allow employees to initiate the process via their mobile devices
  • Control costs with real-time data on wages versus sales
  • Make complying with meal and rest breaks simple
  • Manage the schedule from anywhere 

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Deputy's reliable time-tracking software is simple to use and increases management efficiency.

  • Easily manage staff and track time from one centralized tool 
  • Employees can clock on and off directly from the app on their smartphone, the On-Site Kiosk, through SMS or even via their Apple Watch
  • Track real-time attendance with Deputy’s touchless time clock, biometric facial recognition, geo-location and voice commands
  • Easily approve and export timesheets to whatever payroll application you have
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