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The Patheon Tunnel Base Package includes powerful dashboarding and reporting tools that are accessed from the Portal or via a mobile application. Patheon allows you to experience your data in new ways, uncovering new opportunities for growth. 

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Essential Reports 

Patheon Insights includes the paginated reports you need to run a wash like:

  • Account Detail Report
  • Bank Deposit Report
  • Device Cash Report
  • General Sales Report
  • Operations Activity Report
  • Plan Analysis
  • Plan Customer Detail Report
  • Transaction Report

Patheon Insights Dashboard and Mobile Application

Patheon Insights puts your most important car wash metrics front and center. Quickly access data on sales insights, wash efficiency, plan performance, customer loyalty, payments information and promotions success.

  • screenshot of trends in the patheon car wash posMakes data consumable and actionable with:
    • Explanations - Compares a data point to a previous period and explains the differences.
    • Forecasts - Forecasts future values based on historical data
    • Trends - Shows the average trend for the data displayed
    • Narratives - Interprets data into natural language, giving you the “so what” behind your data with bullet points highlighting major takeaways.
  • Allows you to bookmark the data that's most important to you to the Pulse page
  • Allows you to schedule reports and set alerts if certain key performance indicators fall below or above certain thresholds
  • Makes insights easily sharable from the mobile app via text, email, etc.
  • Provides all information from one source so no need to cross reference reports, etc.

Accounting Data Export

Patheon's accounting data export capability ensures fast and easy access to the information your financial professional needs, including a CSV export out of Patheon that can be imported into your bookkeeping system.

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